Savings & your financial wellness

The Financial Wellness feature in Online & Mobile Banking now includes a Savings Goals section. The independent Savings Goals widget has been retired, but if you were using it, your information was moved into Financial Wellness.

Savings Goals In Financial Wellness

When it comes to your Financial Wellness, it’s not just about tracking your spending. Setting savings goals is a key component – and one that’s now been fully integrated into the Financial Wellness widget in Online & Mobile Banking. For those of you who previously used the separate Savings Goals widget, please note that has been retired, but all your existing savings goals information migrated to the Financial Wellness widget.


Set Goals For Savings

With Savings Goals, you can:

  • Link specific savings goals to specific savings accounts
  • Set a target date
  • For multiple goals for a single account – control which goal is allocated funds and when; for example, have all deposits go towards your most critical goal first, or have funds divided between multiple goals
  • Easily transfer funds for completed goals to another account at SF Fire Credit Union


Easy Tracking

Here’s a sample of listed goals under a single savings account. You’ll be able to expand each goal to edit the target amount or target date. You’ll also see the status of each goal under the title; clicking “Ready to spend” will launch a new window that will let you transfer the saved amount to another account, such as a checking account.

List of goals for a single account, with status


Control When Goals Are Met

When you have multiple savings goals assigned to a given savings account, you can control how deposits to that account are allocated to each goal. For instance, you can set a Priority order that lists your goals in the order you would like them completed, or, if you would like to complete all goals at roughly the same time, you can use the Divided option to distribute all deposits between your goals – every deposit will be divided based on the percentages per goal needed to get them all done at about the same time.


Have deposits applied in order of goal priority …


Or by percentage based on goal total


Transfer To Spend

Once you complete a goal, it’s easy to fulfill – click “Ready to spend” to open a window that lets you transfer the funds for that goal to another account, such as your checking account or credit card.


Menu to transfer funds from completed goals