Mobile Banking

Changes To Mobile Banking Log-in

The next time you log in to Mobile Banking on your phone, you might notice a change.

The next time you log in to Mobile Banking on your phone, you’ll notice a difference. Instead of landing on a Dashboard page, you’ll be taken directly to your Accounts widget.

As before, you’ll have a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to quickly choose from your active widgets. You can reorder the widgets by going to More/Settings/Navigation.

All other widgets and functions were unchanged by this update. The only change is to streamline your mobile login by jumping directly to your Account list.

If you like the Dashboard experience, you will still see it when you log in to Online Banking on a laptop or computer, or via a tablet such as an iPad. The Dashboard is only being retired from Mobile Banking for phones; you can also still see the Dashboard from your phone if you log in to via a Mobile Browser.

The Dashboard contained links to important news items and articles from the Credit Union. To keep up with what's going on, please log in to Online Banking on a desktop or laptop computer, or via the Mobile Banking app for an iPad or Android tablet, or visit

In the meantime, here’s a link to the latest update, a  Quarterly Message From Our CEO, Kathy Duvall.