SBA Paycheck Protection Plan 


At this time SBA is not accepting new PPP applications from banks or credit unions. 

We expect that to change soon and are working diligently to put software in place so that we will be able to start accepting online applications as soon as the SBA allows. 

Until then, we cannot accept any applications. Once the program is open to us and we can start accepting online applications, we will make updates to this page. 

We can only accept applications through our online portal. Please do not send paper applications by mail or submit them at a branch. 

If you already have a PPP loan from SF Fire CU, and want to apply for a second loan (referred to by the SBA as a "Second Draw Loan"), you will receive an email from us once we are able to accept applications. This email will include information on how to apply. 

Before you apply, please review these guidelines to determine your eligibility for a Second Draw Loan. 

If you have not previously received a PPP Loan but want to apply, please review these guidelines. Loans to new PPP borrowers are known as "First Draw Loans." These loans are subject to the following additional guidelines:

  • Must have a membership created on or before 10/01/2020 (business or personal)
  • If you are a personal member, but not a business member, you will need to create a business membership before applying
  • We will only accept online applications through our portal. Do not submit paper applications. 
  • Minimum loan size (for First Draw Loans) is $5,000
  • Loans over $350,000 are subject to prior approval

We understand how important these loans are to you and your small business. For the latest updates and information from the Small Business Administration, please visit the SBA's website

Please note: we fully anticipate that there will be enough funding for this new round of loans. There's no need to worry or rush. You have time. 

If you still have questions about applying for an SBA PPP Loan from SF Fire, please emaill [email protected]. We will respond within 24 hours.