Money matters? We're here to help

We're committed to your success, which is why we offer free financial counseling and education to our members.

Your goals are important to us too. SF Fire Credit Union members have free access to financial counseling and education to help overcome financial problems.


Don't Fall Behind


We understand that there are circumstances that may cause members to fall behind on their monthly payments. We also understand that it can be difficult to ask for help. When we say we put members first, we mean it. So, please contact us. We may be able to offer solutions to help you through a difficult time.


If unemployment is causing you to fall behind on your payments, make an appointment to come and speak with us.


If an injury, income, or change in employment has cause a loss in your income, we might be able to help.


If a divorce has affected your finances, we might be able to help.


Life happens. If an unexpected life event has affected your income, we might be able to help.

Balance Financial Fitness Program


Credit Union members also have free access to financial counseling and education through the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program. With BALANCE, you can work with a financial expert to improve your credit rating and master money. The service is free, confidential, and just a phone call away.


Get assistance in developing a real-world spending and savings plan, improving your credit score, planning for your future, or buying a home.


A specialist will explain what's on your credit report, show you how to correct inaccuracies, and help you develop a plan to improve your credit rating. BALANCE can provide a low-cost report, or help you access one on your own.


Develop a strategy to overcome financial problems and meet your goals in a free and confidential counseling session.

Let's Talk

As a local credit union, we measure our success one member at a time. We want to get to know you and help you achieve your goals. Come into a branch or call us today. Our people are happy to serve you.


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