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Our quarterly Siren Newsletter is sent out to keep our members informed of what's happening at the Credit Union.

So You Know What's Going On


As part of our commitment to ethical, transparent banking, we send out a quarterly communications newsletter called the Siren News. Members can learn about what's been happening at the Credit Union, and what's to come in the future.

The Siren News is mailed to each and every member, and is available for download as well. Read up on current and past issues to see why the Bay Area comes home to bank with us.

Current Issue

Download the current issue.

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April, 2024 Issue

Download the April, 2024 issue.

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January, 2024 Issue

Download the January, 2024 issue.

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October, 2023 Issue

Download the October, 2023 issue.

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July, 2023 Issue

Download the July, 2023 issue.

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April, 2023 Issue

Download the April, 2023 issue.

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January, 2023 Issue

Download the January, 2023 issue.

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October, 2022 Issue

Download the October, 2022 issue.

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July, 2022 Issue

Download the July, 2022 issue.

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April, 2022 Issue

Download the April, 2022 issue.

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January, 2022 Issue

Download the January, 2022 issue.

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October, 2021 Issue

Download the October, 2021 issue.

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July, 2021 Issue

Download the July, 2021 issue.

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April, 2021 Issue

Download the April, 2021 issue.

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January, 2021 Issue

Download the January, 2021 issue.

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October, 2020 Issue

Download the October, 2020 issue.

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July, 2020 Issue

Download the July, 2020 issue.

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April, 2020 Issue

Download the April, 2020 issue.

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January, 2020 Issue

Download the January, 2020 issue.

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October, 2019 Issue

Download the October, 2019 issue.

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July, 2019 Issue

Download the July, 2019 issue.

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April, 2019 Issue

Download the April, 2019 issue.

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January, 2019 Issue

Download the January, 2019 issue.

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October, 2018

Download the October, 2018 issue.

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July, 2018 issue

Download the July, 2018 issue.

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April, 2018

Download the April, 2018 issue.

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January, 2018

Download the January, 2018 issue.

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