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American Share Insurance


American Share Insurance (ASI) is a non-profit corporation that provides primary and excess share or deposit insurance exclusively to credit unions. They insure each and every SF Fire Credit Union account of an individual member up to $250,000, without limitation to the number of accounts held.

This coverage is comprised of $250,000 in "Primary Share" insurance. Here's an example of how deposits at SF Fire Credit Union are covered:

Member's Accounts: ASI Primary Coverage
Savings/Regular Share: $250,000
Checking/Share Draft: $250,00
CD/Share Draft: $250,000
Holiday Savings: $250,000
Total Amount Insured: $1,000,000

Who is American Share Insurance?


American Share Insurance (ASI) is a member-owned, non-federal deposit insurer. This institution is not federally insured or insured by any state government.

American Share Insurance (ASI) is dual-regulated by the Ohio Department of Insurance and the Ohio Department of Commerce. Also, credit union examiners from each state in which ASI operates are invited to participate in a thorough annual exam of the company conducted by the Ohio Department of Commerce. The Ohio Department of Insurance conducts a cyclical statutory examination of ASI and a "big four" auditing firm annually certifies ASI's financial statements.

ASI's audited financial statements are available upon request from ASI by phone (800-521-6342). You can also submit your questions via email at [email protected]

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