Level up your financial literacy

Compete with your friends, take quizzes and show off your money smarts in daily trivia competitions, while earning real-life rewards like gift cards, charitable donations and special ZOGO-sponsored experiences.

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Do you know what the 50/30/20 rule is for saving money? Do you know the difference between a savings account and a high yield savings account? Well, you should.

And with ZOGO, the easy to use financial literacy app, and SF Fire Credit Union, you can start learning right now.


As your financial acumen grows with each module completed, check the app's leaderboard to see how you're doing vs. your fellow members. You can see in real-time how your friends and neighbors' investing, saving and retirement expertise is growing everyday.

And, while you're at it, be sure to forward the app link to your friends and family so they too can learn and earn.


As you complete each module you'll earn points in the form of virtual pineapples that you can redeem for gift cards at your favorite vendors like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Walmart and more.


How to get started:

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  • Be sure to use access code SFFIRE
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