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Everything you need to know

Find out everything you need to know when switching to SF Fire Credit Union



Items to Expect


Debit Card

You'll receive your debit card in the mail within seven business days and your PIN in a separate letter shortly after (unless you've selected your own PIN). Remember to activate your card either by making a PIN-based transaction at an ATM, over the phone with the number provided on the card, within Online Banking under "Special Services," or within Mobile Banking under "Account Details."

Box of Checks

If you ordered checks, you should receive them within seven business days. If you are in need of checks immediately, you can obtain starter checks from one of our branches.



Accounting & Routing Numbers


14 digit Checking Account Numbers

This number can be located at the bottom of your checks or in Online Banking under "Records and Information" and in Mobile Banking under "Account Details." Please note: this 14-digit account number is different than your member number.

Routing Number

Our Institution Routing Number is 321076506. This number can be found at the bottom of your checks, on our website, or within Online and Mobile Banking.



Direct Deposit


Set up direct deposit using your 14-digit account number and our routing number. You can download a general direct deposit form here. You may need to set up direct deposit for:

  • Employer
  • Social Security
  • Retirement Income
  • Other Credits (Tax Returns, Pay Pal, ect.)


Quick Tip

Work with your company's HR department to switch your payroll direct deposit to the new account. Ask how many pay cycles it will take for the change to take effect and plan accordingly.



Preauthorized Payments & Outstanding Checks


You'll want to contact any companies, merchants, or other banks who use preauthorized debits to deduct money from your account each month. Ask them to update their records with your new debit card or checking account number. Be sure to update the following:

  •  Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Loans (if you're interested in saving money by refinancing with us, let us know)

Quick Tip:

Don't forget about checks that haven't cleared (be sure to leave enough money in your old account to cover them), and review your transactions for recurring debits to certain merchants (e.g., gym memberships, cell phone bills, subscriptions) that you'll want to update with your new account information.



Overdraft Protection


Link either or both of the following as a source of overdraft protection for your checking account:

  • Tiered Savings
  • SF Fire Platinum Visa Credit Card (applying is quick and easy in Online Banking)
    • There are no fees to use a Tiered Savings or Platinum Visa for overdraft protection, but interest begins to accrue from the date of the transaction when you use a credit card as the overdraft protection source



Sign Up for Online Banking


Free Online Banking

To sign up, simply click the "Enroll" button under "Online Account Access" on our website

Free Mobile Banking

Download our Mobile Banking App for iPhone, iPad, or Android device. You'll need to enroll in Online Banking first, and the use the login info to access Mobile Banking.



Setting Up Bill Pay


From cable television to electricity, be sure to enroll all of your payees into our Bill Pay system within Online and Mobile banking, and don't forget to delete payees from any old accounts you may have. Create a list of payees: names, addresses, account numbers, and due dates.

Quick Tip

In your former financial institution's online banking, make sure to cancel any pending or recurring bill payments that will hit your old account in the future.





Sign Up for E-Alerts

Elect to receive E-Alerts for Direct Deposit Postings, Checks Paid, Bill Payments, and more within Online Banking under "Special Services."

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Tony and Lisa, SF Natives.
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Liz, proud Bay Area Native.
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