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Banking at your fingertips

Instantly access your accounts online. Send money, pay bills, and more.

These days, everything's instantly accessible online. Your accounts should be too. Our Online & Mobile Banking system is fast, easy, and convenient. We've partnered with an established vendor to provide updated and improved tools, features, and security.

Online Banking Features


Easily find the tools and information you need.


Customize your account dashboard (your home page) with tools and features that are important to you. You can also add a profile picture on the desktop site which will also show on the Mobile Banking application.


See all your accounts under multiple memberships with a single log-on. Usernames are separate and unique for every member. Primary account owners (name and Social Security Number listed first on the membership application) and joint owners do not have to share a login.


See all your account balances at multiple financial institutions with aggregation tools.


Invite other members of the Credit Union to share limited access to your account information. You'll be able to choose between different levels of access: View Account Details, Transfer Funds, and Pay Bills.


Easily exchange messages and important documents with the Credit Union within Online Banking. Subject categories will allow you to route your inquiries to the right people.


Receive one-time security codes sent via email, text, or voice. Login via desktop or mobile and go to Settings > Security to manage your preferred settings.

Mobile Banking


Use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) instead of a Password to quickly log-in to the application. Apple and Android users with fingerprint authentication enabled can also log-in with Touch ID.


Receive your requested alerts directly through the Mobile Banking application as pop-up messages on your device.


View selected accounts without logging in when you launch the app. Only checking, savings, or loan accounts have this feature.


Easily deposit checks from your phone. Safe. Secure. Simple.



View account details, transactions, and balance history for your accounts across multiple memberships, and across financial institutions through Account Aggregation.



Categorize your expenses and set limits, with email and text alerts to help you monitor and manage your spending.



Savings Goals

Set up goals, such as "Hawaii Vacation," tied to your accounts. Allocate portions of each balance to different goals. Easily track your progress towards these goals through email and text alerts.




Manage your account with alerts available by email, text, or push notifications. Options include Regulated Savings Transfers, CD Maturities, Budget and Savings Goals, and Online Banking Access.


Account Nicknames

Have multiple savings or checking accounts? Easily distinguish between them with our Account Nicknames feature. You can name one account "Vacation" and the other "Property Taxes," for example.

Frequently Asked Questions

I love having access to my accounts 24/7 through the app. It is so convenient to make transfers, deposit checks, check my FICO score, and send messages to agents anytime I need to.
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