Watch Calendars

iPhone or iPad Calendars


Complete SFFD Watch Calendar

Click Here from your mobile or tablet device.

  • Accept the prompt to leave our site, and when prompted, allow your device to view the calendar information
  • You will need to click "Add All" to download the Watch Calendar
  • You'll be asked to specify an existing calendar to link to the Watch Calendar details. Before accessing the Watch Calendar, you can set up a separate calendar by opening your iCal app, clicking on Calendars at the bottom, and then select Add Calendar.
  • The Digital Calendar are compatible with Safari and the latest iOS versions of your iPhone or iPad


Individual SFFD Tour Calendars

Please follow the above instructions to subscribe to a specific tour:

Tour 1

Tour 2

Tour 3

Tour 4

Tour 5

Tour 6

Tour 7

Tour 8

Tour 9

Tour 10

Tour 11

Tour 12

Tour 13

Tour 14

Tour 15

Tour 16

Tour 17

Tour 18

Tour 19

Tour 20

Tour 21

Tour 22

Tour 23

Tour 24

Tour 25

Tour 26

Tour 27

Tour 28

Tour 29

Tour 30

Tour 31

Please note: we have received reports that some newer versions of the iOS operating system may be having difficulties downloading the Watch Calendar and individual Tour Calendars. We are investigating. 

Also, if you have downloaded the Watch Calendar or individual Tours previously, you should not need to do so again.

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