By SF Fire Credit Union

Thank you to all the students who took the time to apply for the 2020 Arthur F. McIntyre Scholarship. The winners were invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the Members on Monday, February 17th, where they were recognized publicly.

Due to the number of high quality submissions, scholarships were awarded this year to four high school students and four college students. Our warmest congratulations to each of the winners:

High School:

Lindsay Day
Megan McHugh
Lydia Eger
Riley Elizabeth Castagnola


Gabriel Sullivan
Anna Tingin
Joseph Otayde
Zoe Brouillet

In 1951, Arthur F. McIntyre became the first manager of SF Fire Credit Union. He spent his time here tirelessly working to improve not only the credit union, but the Bay Area community as a whole. He established a standard of service to which we still aspire.

Every year, the scholarship in his name awards $2,500 to high school-level and college-level students. At least two scholarships are awarded each year.

We're proud to honor Arthur F. McIntyre's legacy of service by investing in our members' future.

To learn more about the scholarship, including eligibility requirements, click here.