SF Fire Credit Union
By SF Fire Credit Union

Did you resolve to strengthen your credit this year? You can start by checking out your free FICO® Score, updated quarterly, within SF Fire Credit Union’s Online & Mobile Banking Platforms. Updated scores are now available through our FICO® Score feature. 

Don’t have the FICO® Score Feature Yet?

In Online Banking, you’ll find the FICO® Score feature in the list of available tools, or ‘widgets’. You can reach this list in one of two ways:

* From the dashboard, go to the bottom of the column displaying your active widgets and click on More Options. From the expanded list of choices, click on Widget Options.

* Click on your profile name and icon in the upper right-hand corner to open a menu. Choose Settings, and then click on the Widgets tab.

Once you find the feature among the available widgets, click “Activate.” You’ll also have the option to click the star icon to make it a favorite – one of the top five widgets that displays when you log in.

Want to know more about FICO® Scores?

You’ve added the feature. Want more information about how to use it or what the results mean?  If you want to learn more about your credit score and credit reporting in general, check out this useful presentation in our Financial Education Center, another free resource for members.