Firefighter Benefits

Firefighter loan discounts, loan options, and savings increases

Active and retired firefighters and Fire Department staff within our field of membership benefit from interest rate discounts on consumer and real estate loans, reduced or waived fees, and savings rate bumps on selected accounts.

Firefighter Pricing Benefits


SF Fire Credit Union was founded in 1951 at old 17 Engine, with Arthur F. McIntyre – our first manager – setting a standard for service to which we still aspire today.

We’re privileged to serve all active and retired SF Fire Department employees, as well as those of all Fire Departments within our field of membership. That’s why we want you to be aware of all the Firefighter Pricing benefits you get on loan and savings options with SF Fire Credit Union: special loan programs, interest rate discounts on loans, and rate boosts on certain savings accounts. 

Who Qualifies: Active and retired Firefighters and Fire Department employees for all departments within our field of membership.

What’s Covered By Firefighter Pricing: Reduced fees and interest rates on certain real estate and consumer loans, and rate bumps on certain savings products

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First Mortgages

We’re here to help with standalone 1st Mortgages, whether for purchases or refinances. Standalone 1st Mortgages offer a greater number of eligible properties.

Questions about your 1st Mortgage options, whether purchasing or refinancing? Contact our Real Estate Loan Officers  for assistance. 


First Mortgage Rate Discounts

Member Group

Interest Rate Discounts

Eligible Properties

Fire Department Employee

0.25% on 1st Mortgage; LLPAs* apply

Refinance or purchase of owner-occupied, 2nd home, or investment properties

*Loan Level Pricing Adjustments - Additional fees assessed to conventional mortgages based on certain borrower and loan risk characteristics.

Rates and discounts subject to change at any time.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)

Existing discounts have increased from 0.10% to 0.25%. Questions about new or existing HELOCs? Our Real Estate Loan Officers are here to help. 


HELOC Rate Discounts

Member Group

New Interest Rate Discount

Prior Interest Rate Discount

Eligible Properties

Active or Retired Fire Department Employee



Owner-occupied, 2nd home, and investment properties

Real Estate Loan Fees

Member Group

Flat Fees For Fixed Mortgages

Flat Fees For Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Active or Retired Fire Department Employee 



Consumer Loans

Fire Department Employees qualify for discounts on most consumer loans excluding credit cards. Discounts have increased from 0.10% to 0.25%. 

For questions about your consumer loan options, call our Contact Center at 415.674.4800, 7:00am to 7:00pm (Pacific) Mon- Fri, and 9:00am to 5:00pm (Pacific) Sat.


Consumer Loan Rate Discounts

Loan Type

Firefighter Rate Discount

New & Used Auto Loan


Early Model & True “Classic” Car


New & Used Motorcycle


New & Used Boat/Jet Ski/ATV


Savings Products

Active and retired Fire Department employees qualify for a 0.10% rate bump on certain savings products. Discount is the same for SFFD and Non-SFFD alike.

As of 10/26/2023, the rate bump applies to the products below:

Savings Product Firefighter Rate Increase

Money Market Account


Tiered Savings Accounts


Educational Savings Accounts


Term Certificates


Jumbo Term Certificates


IRA Term Certificates (All Types Of IRAs, All Terms Of Certificates)


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