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Added Protection

When it comes to protecting your money, you can never be too careful. Our optional Courtesy Pay program allows our members added security.

What is Courtesy Pay?

While our free Overdraft Protection should be your first line of defense, Courtesy Pay is an optional program that offers additional protection to your SF Fire Credit Union Checking Account.

Should your account become overdrawn, your checks, electronic debits including Bill Pay transactions, ACH payments, and debit card transactions can be paid by the Credit Union. Checking accounts with direct deposit have a Courtesy Pay limit of $750, and those without it have a limit of $500. From the day your account is first overdrawn, you’ll have 30 days to make a deposit that returns the account to a positive balance and maintain your eligibility for Courtesy Pay.


Before You Opt In

You should know there is a $25 fee, but you are only charged this fee when your account is overdrawn more than $10, and you will never be charged this fee more than once a day, no matter how many transactions post that day.

Courtesy Pay Fees are different from NSF fees in three important ways:

  • Courtesy  Pay fees are limited to 1 per day; NSF fees are unlimited
  • If you use less than $10 of Courtesy Pay, you will not pay a fee; there is no minimum overdraft amount for an NSF fee
  • Courtesy Pay means your transaction is paid; an NSF fee means the transaction was rejected and the merchant still needs to be paid.

Worth the Money

We believe the benefits of Courtesy Pay outweigh the  $25 fee by:

  • Protecting your good credit rating (payments that need to be made, are made)
  • Saving you time and money (no frustration and fees because of returned checks)
  • Eliminating embarrassment (stop apologizing for declined debit card transactions)

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Nehemiah, international photographer.
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Natalie, embracing SF opportunities.
Putting her first since 2019.

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