Delinquent Billing Scams

Delinquent Billing Scams

As with other scams, a scammer might impersonate a known merchant or utility, claiming you have a past due balance and attempting to make you panic into making a payment that wasn't actually due. We’ve become aware of a recent phone scam targeting PG&E customers.

Pay Now Or Lose Service

The caller impersonates PG&E, threatening a service shutoff unless payment is made immediately. The caller is demanding payment by a cash card, such as Green Dot, or a gift card. This should be an immediate red flag.

The scam has targeted people in many parts of the state, including Marin and Sonoma counties. Some of the scam attempts can be even more detailed and sophisticated, with callers knowing the person's name and an approximately correct balance, and sometimes spoofing a genuine PG&E number on Caller ID.

Be Careful With Your Information

Similar to the warnings we give members about their account information with us, PG&E’s statement reminders customers that they will never ask for personal information or credit card information over the phone. These are good principles to remember in any situation; a scammer will always pressure you into giving up personal details; a valid call from a utility, merchant, or financial institution should already have that information.