Credit Card Rewards

Coming Soon: New & Improved Credit Card Rewards

We're unrolling a new & improved Credit Card rewards program. The rollout is expected to be completed by mid June. Here's what you need to know about redeeming points, points carrying over, and earning points during this transition.

Coming Soon: New & Improved Rewards 

What’s even better than credit card rewards? Better rewards that are easier to use.

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new and improved credit card rewards program to meet the changing needs of our members. We’re retiring our current rewards program as of March 18th and replacing it with a new program which includes a smoother, easier process for redeeming points online. We expect the new program to go live in mid June.

More and Better

We’ll be adding new redemption options and improving existing redemption options.

  • Existing Redemption Options – Cash Back, Gift Cards, and Travel will continue, with improved travel options.
  • New Redemption Options – Some great new options will be coming, such as the ability to pay for gas with points at the pump, using points to complete in-store transactions or donating points to charities.
  • Mobile Banking Access – The new program will let you view and redeem points through our Mobile Banking app (currently, you can only access your points through the desktop version of Online Banking).

Triple Points During the Upgrade Period

We’re excited about the benefits of the new program, and happy to announce that you’ll earn triple points on purchases while the transition to the new program is under way (from March 19th to when the new program goes live in mid June).

Important Dates, Information & Planning Ahead

Triple points? That’s our way of thanking you for your patience as we get the new program up and running. Between March 18th and the launch of the new program in mid June:

  • You won’t be able to view or redeem points during this time.
  • All existing points will be carried over to the new program, with no reduction in cash back value.
  • You’ll earn triple points on all purchases during this transition time from March 19th through our launch in mid June.
  • If you were planning on redeeming points this spring, please do so on or before March 18th.

Have questions or want more information? Be sure to check Online Banking and your email regularly, as we’ll be sharing more details soon, as well as providing a sneak peek at the new portal and redemption options.